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PSJA Early College High School

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Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

To ensure that all students graduate prepared to succeed in institutions of higher education and/or the career of their choice.


We believe that the purpose of education is to help individuals reach their fullest potential.
We believe that effective schools are comprised of a caring staff, supportive parents, and an involved community who provide a secure learning environment and set measurable goals based on students’ individual needs.
We believe that a successful student is able to develop self-discipline, apply new skills, and strive to achieve their set goals.
We believe that learning is an essential lifelong process which is self-rewarding.
We believe that parents should actively encourage and participate in their children’s education by acting as positive role models.
We believe that a quality instructional program includes a well-rounded curriculum, caring staff, supportive administration, involved community members, and parents who focus on the student’s educational needs.
We believe that community is a vital and integral partner to the importance of education
The vision and mission are the driving force behind every decision for Pharr-San Juan Alamo Early College High School. The vision and mission can be seen posted in the main lobby, library, school website, and in various school advertisements. Partnering with the Educate Texas i3 grant since 2014, Pharr-San Juan- Alamo Early College High school has set the goal of graduating 90% of The Class of 2017 with 3 or more hours of college credit and TSI ready in at least one subject area. Currently, the school is making great strides with being at 84% in the Fall semester of 2016. Sustainability measures have been put into place for the consequent grade levels so that the 90% achievement is also met for the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders once they reach their Senior year. The goal of the faculty is to ensure that all students graduate prepared to succeed in institutions of higher education and/or the career of their choice.


 At PSJA Early College High School, we foster a diverse environment where every student is empowered to pursue their educational aspirations and inspired to contribute to our community and world-wide society through our continued tradition of excellence.

 Our Mission

 As educational stewards, PSJA Early College High School is constantly adapting to meet our students’ needs and ensuring they have the necessary resources, as well as relevant and high-quality instruction to reach their educational goals while instilling pride and ethics.