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Teacher Resources

The purpose of this site is to provide teachers with access to materials and resources. Nowadays, education and technology are so intertwined that almost every teacher has a few favorite tech tools that make their job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Below is a list of some of the tech tools I have collected during my time as a librarian, including some that have become increasingly popular and widely used.  

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Lesson Planning and Tech Tools

  1. Teachers Pay Teachers: ( Have great lessons to share? Looking for something to add to your classes? On this site you can do both, selling your own class materials and buying high-quality resources from other teachers.
  2. Wordle: ( Create stunning word clouds using Wordle, a great complement to language lessons of any kind.
  3. Prezi: ( Want to build presentations that will wow your students? Make use of this online tool that makes it simple to do all kinds of cool things with your lessons, even allowing collaboration between teachers.
  4. Quizlet: ( Quizlet makes it easy for teachers to create study tools for students, especially flashcards that can make memorizing important information a snap.
  5. Google Docs: (     Through Google Docs, teachers can create and share documents, presentations, or spreadsheets with students and colleagues as well as give feedback on student-created projects.
  6. QR Codes: QR codes (or quick response codes) are showing up with greater frequency in education.
  7. Glogster: (     Glogster is a social site that lets users mash up music, photos, videos, and pretty much anything else you’d like. It’s a great way to create learning materials and a handy tool for creative student projects.
  8. Newsela - view current events happening in the world today 
  9. InstaGrok - Research any topic with an interactive concept map. awesome visuals for teachers , type Robert Frost at the top screen then click Grok
  10. Secret Annex Online - Discover Anne Franks secret places in 3D

Get TechFat - Tech based Formative Assessments:  Great tools for teachers to use in class as agroup retesting or quizzing your students using tech programs

  1. Plickers - teacher can download app on an iPhone or go to Good source for teachers to gather student activities responses. Print clicker cards for teacher made activity lessons.
  2. Socrative - create a quiz download or print for easy grade and instant student responses 
  3. Go Formative - Create online assessments , classwork or homework , allows to ask students questions with lots of pre-made quizzes ready fro you to use in class
  4. Nearpod - Bring your class to life with interactive activities , teachers can create a free account and setup lessons for your class , students don't have to create an account just issue them a pin number to join in your class activities. 

Great websites by subject area

English                                                                                                                                -books  -biographies  -Greek mythology  -Roman mythology     -Reference tools       - Citation creation       -biographies    -journals      literature   -sparknotes -  current events / journals - mythology project - browse poems & poets - Bloom's Literary Criticism - Literature Resource Center for literary criticism

SCIENCE   - science fairs - Life science/biology -  chemistry - Earth science - science  - Health & medicine - deseases - Anthrax / Discovery life videos

Social Studies  -  US Government -  Presidents -  Government & Codes - Politics - SS/History - US History - History timelines - Countries and other cultures - World Geography and cultures - Global issues and content   - Presidential Powers (Thank you Lauren)